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Simple words can have an inspiring effect, ultimately changing the trajectory of someone’s day for the better. We believe that together, we can have a positive effect on the community members who are in need and ready to change their lives. Join us in saying hello and supporting our commitment to creating lifelong opportunities for those in our community.

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Donations will fund initiatives and programs that provide sustainable solutions for addiction recovery, education, housing, job training, and employment.

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2024 Spring Symposium:

Underserved: The Importance of Serving All Communities

Join us for a thoughtful conversation on the ideas behind the book Underserved: Harnessing the Principles of Lincoln’s Vision for Reconstruction for Today’s Forgotten Communities. From education and workforce development to criminal justice reform and healthcare disparities, Underserved makes a bold statement about what is necessary to see a change in the current state of affairs and presents a realistic action plan to make it happen. Our guest speakers, Chris Pilkerton and Ja’Ron Smith, the book’s co-writers, will discuss how these principles might be applied to issues facing the communities of Spokane.

This event is free and open to the public.

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Vision & Approach

Through a collaborative effort with business owners, leaders, and community members, we strive to create full-spectrum solutions that address addiction recovery, housing, education, job training, and employment to create real and lasting change.

Implement sustainable solutions

hello for good is dedicated to compassionately leading and implementing sustainable solutions for individuals in need throughout Spokane.

Learn from and share with local leaders

The hello for good steering committee meets weekly to learn from and share with local leaders and experts from across the country about homelessness, mental health, and addiction to help guide our actions and decisions.

Spokane Unite

Spokane Unite, an initiative modeled after successful campaigns in Houston and Atlanta, is an effort to establish an independent authority tasked with making strategic, coordinated decisions and investments, to achieve the best outcomes. Recently regional elected leadership recently announced a 90-day due diligence period to evaluate options for a regional and collaborative model to improve our collective efforts to address homelessness and its impacts on our community. Click here to learn more.

The Steering Committee

Katy Bruya


Washington Trust Bank

Chris Patterson


Washington Trust Bank

Mike Allen

Spokane Community College

Lynelle Caudill

Davenport Hotel

Harold Clarke

Retired Judge

Latisha Hill

Avista Utilities

Roy Koegen

PF Consulting

Jeffrey Nave

The Inland Group

Shelly O'Quinn

Innovia Foundation

Andrew Rolwes

Downtown Spokane Partnership

Fawn Schott

Volunteers of America of Eastern Washington / Northern Idaho

Ariane Schmidt

Integrate Technology, LLC

Larry Stone

Stone Group of Companies

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Hello. We are thrilled that you are here. Please check in often to learn about our upcoming volunteer opportunities and other ways you can help. Together we can make a difference.

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