23 Mar 22, by Hello for good

Hello from Hello for Good


Welcome to the first update from hello for good! We are a new organization representing a coalition of private businesses committed to improving social issues, homelessness, and livability in our community.

We are seeking to partner with others to create solutions that address the myriad of issues facing those experiencing homelessness including housing, addiction recovery, job training, and employment to implement real and lasting change.

The hello for good steering committee meets weekly to learn from and share with local and national leaders and experts to help guide our actions and decisions.

We have created a fund at Innovia, where our contributions will be put towards community solutions that help those who need it the most.  When the timing is appropriate, we will seek support in funding initiatives and programs that are supported by research to provide opportunities to individuals in need.

How Did We Get Our Name?

Positive change can start with “hello.” Simple words can have an inspiring effect, ultimately changing the trajectory of someone’s day for the better and creating the start of a connection. We believe that together, we can have a positive effect for the community members who are in need. In addition, hello also stands for Helping Empower Lifelong Opportunities (how cool is THAT, right?!).

Did you know that Spokane’s homeless population is nearly three times the national average?

In Brief, Our Mission Is…

Through a collaborative effort with business owners, leaders, policymakers, service providers and community members, we want to implement effective solutions for those experiencing homelessness, along with addressing the adverse community and societal impacts on those around them. We are not here to recreate the wheel; rather, we want to remove hurdles that are impeding progress, help fund appropriate “fixes” when needed, and work with experts to create sustainable outcomes.  

Other cities have been successful in addressing these issues. We can (and are) learning from them.

Who is Involved?

Steering Committee: We meet weekly to create our plan. Members include: 

  • Katy Bruya, Washington Trust Bank
  • Lynnelle Caudill, Davenport Group
  • Roy Koegen, Kutak Rock
  • Kristine Meyer, Avista Foundation
  • Shelly O’Quinn, Innovia Foundation
  • Chris Patterson, Washington Trust Bank
  • Andrew Rolwes, Downtown Spokane Partnership
  • Arianne Schmidt, Integrate Technology LLC
  • Fawn Schott, Volunteers of America
  • Larry Stone, Stone Group
  • Katy Wagnon, Washington Trust Bank
  • Chud Wendle, Northtown Square

Business Advisory Group: The word is out about the formation of our group and we have been compiling a list of businesses and professionals that want to serve in some capacity and be involved. Want to make sure you’re on that list? See “Start a Conversation” on our home page and sign up.